Himachal Pradesh
State Disaster Management Authority

Broadly speaking the EOCs would have the following role:-

  1. Collecting information about the vulnerable areas.
  2. Sharing data related to disaster and vulnerable areas with all the line departments and other organization and stakeholders.
  3. Carrying out assessment of damage in disaster prone areas.
  4. Coordination for preparation, mitigation and response with all the responsible parties.
  5. Receive and process disaster alerts and warnings from nodal agencies and other sources and communicate the same to all designated authorities and stakeholders.
  6. Monitor emergency operations.
  7. Facilitate coordination among primary and secondary ESF Departments/Agencies.
  8. Requisitioning additional resources during the disaster phase.
  9. Consolidate, analysis, and disseminate of damage, loss and needs assessment data.
  10. Policy-making and planning.
  11. Information gathering and record keeping on disaster events.
  12. Public information and communication (IEC) on DM.
  13. Early warning dissemination.
  14. Resource management through web based techniques.

The activities of EOC can be classified as normal time and emergency time activities. During normal time the EOC would work under the Principal Secretary Revenue/Disaster Management. The normal time activities which are listed below are very crucial for its efficiency of response in a disaster situation.