Himachal Pradesh
State Disaster Management Authority

The EOC will function to its fullest capacity on the occurrence of disaster. The district EOC will be fully activated during Level 0 and Level 1 disasters. The activation would come into effect either on occurrence of disaster or on receipt of warning. On the receipt of warning or alert from any such agency which is competent to issue such a warning, or on the basis of reports from Divisional Commissioner/District Collector of the occurrence of a disaster, all community preparedness measures including counter-disaster measures will be put into operation. The Chief Secretary/Relief Commissioner will assume the role of the Chief of Operations for Disaster Management.


The occurrence of Level 1 and Level 2 disaster will be communicated to the following by means of telephone and subsequently fax:


  1. Governor
  2. Chief Minister
  3. Revenue Minister
  4. MPs and MLAs from affected areas
  5. NEOC;
  6. Joint Secretary, NDM, Ministry of Home Affairs, GOI.


The Level 0 disaster/event would be communicated to the following DM, SP, CMO, SDM, Commandant Home Guard, Fire Officer immediately on phone. A written report about the disaster/event would be sent in written to the DM.


The occurrence of disaster shall be immediately communicated to all the first responders such as police, fire, health, DM, SDM and other stakeholders such as NGOs, trained SAR volunteers through SMS gateway for which specific provision of group mobile directory would be made. The directory would be grouped according to the disaster specific response groups.


The occurrence of disaster would essentially mean the following activities have to be undertaken :


  1. Expand the Emergency Operations Centre to include Branch arrangements with responsibilities for specific tasks depending on the nature of disaster and extent of its impact.
  2. Establish an on-going VSAT, wireless communication and hotline contact with the Divisional Commissioner, and Collector/s of the affected district/s.


[The EOC in its expanded form will continue to operate as long as the need for emergency relief and operations continue and the long-terms plans for rehabilitation are finalized].