Himachal Pradesh
State Disaster Management Authority

  1. Objectives;
    To train able-bodied community volunteers in disaster response (flood relief and rescue) at the taluka/block level in each of the project districts. These trained volunteers will be called as Aapda Mitra.
  2. Project district : Mandi district.
  3. Funding pattern:- 100% support from NDMA. NDMA has released Rs. 45.40 lakhs in two Installments.
  4. Deliverables:
    • Development and standardization of training modules.
    • ​National empanelling of training Institutions.
    • Trained and certified volunteers.
    • Development of information knowledge management system.
    • Community emergency stockpile/reserve.
    • Conduct of mock drills​
  5. Time line: 24 months started from 2017-18 and will be ending on 31.3.2019