Himachal Pradesh
State Disaster Management Authority

  1. Objectives:
    • Strengthen community and local self-governments preparedness and response on a pilot basis in most multi hazard vulnerable districts.
    • Development of a model that can be taken up by State Governments to extend to other areas.
    • NDMA would also use this pilot project platform to implement/practice its national guidelines on CBDRM on field.
  2. Project Districts:   District Kangra and Kinnaur:
  3. Funding Pattern:  100% support from NDMA. NDMA has released Rs. 86,13,400/- in 3 installments:
  4. Deliverables:
    • Comprehensive plan for disaster risk management and recovery strategies from community lens.
    • Awareness campaigns throughout the district.
    • Development/updation of training modules in community based disaster management.
    • Formation of disaster management teams at district levels.
    • Enhanced capacity of stakeholders in first aid, psycho social support, shelter management,water and sanitation and rescue evacuation.
    • Strengthening of district disaster management centers through augmentation of resources.
    • Conduct of mock drills.
  5. Time line:   3 years 2016-17 to 2018-19 upto 31.3.2019.